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Poster: derkman96 Date: Dec 27, 2010 3:22pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: daeD gniviL eht fo thgiN

I know this probably isn't the right place to post this, but I would like everyone to participate in this friendly competition.


daeD gniviL eht fo thgiN:

The movie opens with the horrific scene of hundreds of decaying dead bodies. With little introduction, a squadron of middle aged men begin to warm up their Bullet-vacuums. These guys mean business. With their bullet vacuums brandished high, they aim to suck the death right out of these decaying bodies and bring them back to life. These recently revived ghouls begin to help the poor people who, like them, have died. they begin to help by regurgitating their body parts and trying to reassemble them. We follow the adventures of one man who manages to bring a few people back to life and bring them together at the same time. At first, one of these people, The older man, is confused and attempts to start fights with our main character, however our main character soon helps everyone to escape the house they've found themselves trapped in. Our main character just pry's off a few boards from the doors and windows and cleans up house a little at the same time. Throughout the course of a few days he helps these revived persons to put out a few fires and he helps by reviving a few dead people on his own.

--Review by: Derek Thompson (

I used VirtualDubMod and AVISynth to reverse a copy of Night of the Living Dead. As you'll notice, this isn't the best copy I could find. I chose one of slightly smaller file size as to make the reversal process take less time. As this copy is, it took 7 hours just to reverse the video. Then I converted it to xvid and stretched the video a little to make it a standard video size (640x480).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get together with a group of friends and re-dub a few scenes from this copy of daeD gniviL eht fo thgiN and then upload them to the archive. If you could, try and re-dub parts that aren't already uploaded. What I would like to do is take all the pieces that have been uploaded and re-create this movie in reverse! If you upload a dubbed scene, please Copy/Paste the link to your dubbed scene into a review.

You can find the video and attached instructions at this page:

I hope everyone has some fun with this, this would be a great activity for a rainy day or even to get together with some friends over this holiday break.